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Botanical art prints


Plants do not only look good in pots. Floral posters are the best way to get some plants into your home, and you will not have to think about keeping them alive. They will do it all on their own! With pretty floral posters and botanical prints your home will feel more warm and welcoming, as well as keeping your home looking stylish all year around.

Botanical art prints online

Our category with floral posters and botanical prints offer many designs in different styles. Choose amongst floral prints in a romantic dusty pink, or add botanical illustrations with a modern touch to your gallery wall. Only your own imagination can set the limit for the beautiful result that can be accomplished with floral posters! Apart from roses, peonies, green leaves and palm trees you will also find cactus prints, dried flowers and much more

Posters of plants, cacti and flowers

Amongst our floral posters you will also find photographs in black and white, showing the raw beauty of plants and flowers in their natural habitat with beautiful detailed close ups. You will also find floral illustrations in both minimalistic line art styles and art in a modern and expressive style. Something for everyone, and every home. Perhaps you have a favourite flower or plant, but struggle to keep them alive at home? Floral posters and botanical prints is just what you need. It brings the calmness and peace that real plants and flowers, but with much less maintenance.

We love putting up artwork that will make our living space feel more alive and breathing. With floral posters you will get all good things in one package! All you need to do is find a space that needs to be filled with pretty floral art, and you are all set.