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In support of Blue Marine Foundation The beauty and diversity of the oceans could soon be gone forever. Together we can turn the tide. Our future depends on it.

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The Story

Imagine you’re standing by the shoreline. The water is clear blue, the glittering sun mesmerizing. But beneath the surface of this vast ocean you won’t find what you expect. Imagine all life in the sea is gone. The fish are nowhere to be found. Even marine plants such as seaweed and seagrass are no more. Mass extinction of all marine life sounds scary but sadly, this could be our future and it’s happening on our watch.

What is happening to the ocean?

The threats facing our oceans are not new. They have existed for a long time, escalating quickly. 90% of wild fish stocks are now overfished or fully exploited, wreaking havoc on marine ecology. When one fish species is overfished, the chain reaction is immense. Depleting the population of adult fish with commercial fishing reduces capacity for reproduction, meaning species slowly but surely become extinct. In the past 50 years, the number of overfished stocks globally has tripled.

Why does it matter?

Our oceans don’t only provide us with food and jobs, marine life is also responsible for producing half of our oxygen and absorbing nearly half of the world’s CO2. A great whale accumulates an average of 33 tonnes of CO2 in 60 years whereas a tree absorbs just 1.3 tonnes in the same period. Our lives literally depend on the life of the ocean.

How can we turn the tide?

Marine protected areas and sustainable fishing won’t only heal the ocean, they will change our future. For that reason, Desenio has chosen to partner with Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) in its mission to protect the ocean. BLUE as a charity makes a difference by creating marine reserves, establishing sustainable models of fishing and restoring vital marine habitats; they also work tirelessly to raise awareness of these issues and influence decision makers. With our collection, Art For Oceans, we want to help BLUE draw attention to the crisis in the oceans and support a solution that preserves life and beauty beneath the ocean surface. When buying posters from Desenio you stand with us on an issue that will make or break the future of life on Earth.

72 Percent

Of our planet is water

In support of Blue Marine Foundation, Desenio Design Studio has created a collection of 18 art prints paying tribute to the life and beauty of our oceans. Stand with us on an issue vital to future of life on Earth.

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